Swimming Pool Fills

Every year we fill swimming pools in Shoemakersville Borough, Perry Township and local surrounding areas for homeowners. If you do not live in Shoemakersville or Perry Township,  please contact your local Fire Company first to see if they fill pools. Contact Lieutenant Trevor Roberts by calling our station at (610)562-8091 and if needed leave a message to find out the price for both in our area as well as the price for outside our area. 

NOTE: As of 5/10/22, with the increasing fuel prices, per load of water in Shoemakersville Borough is $90.00 and $100.00 in Perry Township. 

The truck we use, Engine Tanker 40 holds 2,000 Gallons of water. Also be advised, we only use water from our local river and streams, so you will have to treat the water with chemicals as some times the water is dirty. We cannot use water from fire hydrants. Contact us to set a time and check on prices!

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