SOCIAL MEMBER:  Come on in the Social Quarters and tell the bartender you want to fill out an application to become a member (must be 21 years old). You will need your driver license and $15.00 when you stop in. The $15.00 is good for your first year of membership, every year after it's $12.00. By joining as a member, you will not have to pay a cover charge when bands play in the social quarters. There are numerous events through out the year as well for our members. You will be able to enjoy our daily happy hour specials at our bar and you will be able to smoke inside except on advertised events when its open to the public (music, etc). Once you fill out a application, your application needs to go through 2 membership meetings (2 months), the 1st meeting your name will be read for new membership. The 2nd meeting it will be voted on by other members to see if they will allow you to become a member yourself. If your voted in, you will get a key card made up for you to be able to enter the social quarters. You will receive a call when the card is made and you will be able to pick up the card at the bar.  

FIREFIGHTER: We can always use volunteers in the Fire Company. If your between 14-15 years old, you can join our Junior Firefighter program. You must however live either in Shoemakersville Borough or Perry Township.  You will be limited to what you can do but it will help as you grow with us in the fire service. If your between the ages of 16-17, you will still be considered a Junior Firefighter, however you will be able to start to do some more things with us. At these ages you can live within our mutual aid company territory (Hamburg, Centerport, Leesport or Virginville). From 18 years old and older, you will be able to do just about anything if you have the necessary classes to back you up. While being a Firefighter, depending on your age and certificates you acquire, you could be cutting cars apart to rescue someone inside, putting out house fires or assisting local ambulances with medical calls just to name a few. We can always use members for our Fire Police crew also. Our Fire Police assist the Emergency Crews on calls such as vehicle accidents and fires. Fire Police members must be at least 18 years old to be on the highways and take necessary classes as well. Your main objective is to keep traffic running smoothly and safely around the scene protecting the firefighters and the public. Keeping the emergency crews and the public safe is your main goal! We want everyone to go home safe after each incident. No matter what job you decide to do, we provide all the gear for you. We also pay for the training for you to take. The more classes you can take, the more you will be able to do at a emergency scene. Tuesdays nights from 6:30pm-9:30pm is our training nights. This is when we try to have our in house training, however, there are classes that have to be other days such as a Saturday or Sundays. We  also looking for volunteers for the Auxiliary of the Shoemakersville Fire Company which was formed to raise money for the Firefighters through different fundraisers. They play a huge part in helping us get new equipment for the Fire Company. Also if you have any trade you could offer us with helping, such as carpentry, plumbing, accounting, etc please give us a call, we can always us the extra help.

If your interested in helping your local all Volunteer Fire Company, you can either call (610)562-8091, Email us at or stop down any Tuesday from 6:30pm-9:30pm. Hope to see and hear from you soon! 



Any social member of the Shoemakersville Fire Company No 1, a policy has been enacted that if you volunteer 3 times within a year from January to December at any fundraiser, event, etc that the Fire Company holds, your dues for the following year will be Free. Also if any member has a special set of skills, plumbing, contracting, etc and would be willing to volunteer there time, please also contact us. Please forward this info to all members and friends. To find our events, please call (610)562-8091, email or visit the calendar on this website for current events.







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